i have an external hard drive which i have partitioned. since then i have done virus scan and defragmentation on it. recently i have found part of the f drive (160gb) the write or read is stuck on part of it. so what do i do? do i have to reformat it? i dont think its a hardware problem.

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What do you mean stuck? You get errors when you try to write? If you dont have any issues with reformating the drive, then that is a good idea. If you need to modify the partitions, then do that first using the Disk Management console.

it wont 100% complete. must be some damaged sector i dont know.

Did you try deleting the partition?

If that happened to me, it woudl become a 160gb doorstop. you can buy new 500gb hdd for less than $100, would you really trust you data on a sub-par drive? Just my 2 cents, and I have been burned with this issue 2x. Never again...

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