Hello, I have a motherboard which supports 4 RAM slots (dual channel slots). I already have 3GB of RAM installed, a 2GB DDR2 800 and a 1GB DDR2 800 in different channels. I would like to add another 2GB to the channel next to the current 2GB one, however am getting RAM at frequencies above 800 but still DDR2. Will it be compatible keeping in mind the dual channel concept and the existing 2GB DDR2 800 already present?

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RAM at frequencies above 800 but still DDR2

it should work fine it should just underclock itself to run at 800 with the others

yes, caperjack is correct, all RAM should underclock to the lowest stick of RAM in a config, but keep in mind that it will then generally disable dual channel benefits. But usually, that's no biggie unless you are a top-end user, and if you were you'd be buying 4x matched RAM sticks.

just my 2 cents worth.

thanks for the info

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