I have a 1 TB external harddisk. I guess I have virus on it. The files are being shown as .exe files, none of them are opening. I tried scanning the HD, it had no effect what-so-ever. Is there anyway in which i could retrieve the data. Please help.

Thank you

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What did you try scanning with? You may want to download MalwareBytes and scan that drive for malware.


If there are .exe files on your harddrive then you might check to make sure they do not require any registry files to run. Most software writes vital pieces of itself to the registry and if those files are not available then the software won't run.


I had this virus too.

  1. Go to file/folder option. ( If you are using win 7 then : organize -> folder and search option )

  2. Click on view tab.

  3. Then unhide all files, and unmark "Hide protected operating system file (Recommended) ".

  4. You will see you old folders and files ( Yahoo ! :-) )

  5. Delete those .exe's.

  6. In Command prompt or by right clicking, change these folders attributes to normal. You can google it for the command to do it.
    Example : c:\filename -s -h
    It clears the attribute for that file/folder.

If its an windows OS, check this link.

This virus changes each of your folder attributes and makes them an important system file, thus OS hides it from us, and it hides as a protected system file.


it is possible that ur usb port is not in working mood. check computer
with a good anti-virus.

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