I recently installed a 2nd HDD in my optical drive space using an optibay imitator. Basically, there is a PATA to SATA converter so that I have an HDD instead of a disk drive. It is a late 2006 MacBook white.

Everything worked great except for one minor glitch. When I would restart my mac, the computer wouldn't see the 2nd HDD. I believe it is because the 2nd HDD wasn't spinning in time for the kernel to see it. Anyways, when I would turn my computer off completely, and then turn it on, everything worked perfect.

Today, for no apparent reason, when I turn on my Mac (NOT restart) the 2nd HDD is missing. Any Ideas?

I'm not familiar with Macs... but it sounds like either a driver, or a driver controller problem. I'm sure there's some kind of drivers for macs... anything in there? and you said you're using an adaptor... the firmware on the adaptor might need to be updated... just a thought.

Thank you for your reply. It seems to have begun working again for no apparent reason. Now I have a different issue with Ubuntu not booting. Anyway, I think that would need to be posted elsewhere...

I have the exact same problem with a Late 2007 white macbook. do you remember any change in the system or any new installed application which has fixed the problem? I'm pretty sure it's a spintime/kernel related because after a suspend state (close the lid, open the lid) it happens again)..

@MareoRaft: Have you checked your hard drive using disk utility?

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