Just installed new SSD hard drive into 2007 MacBook but often it restarts with no warning? Is it possible that its not sitting in bay snug enough and my typing is enough to jar it loose or has anyone else experienced similar problems with SSD drives?
Thanks in advance!

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How is the drive secured into the bay?

There is only one thing worse than an unreliable harddrive, and that's an unreliable Solid State Drive. While you still can return it to the shop you bought it from and get a replacement. If it happens with the replacement drive, then that is the time to wonder if there is a problem with the way it connects within the laptop.

If the connection is physically secure and this problem occurs with more than one drive, then you have to assume there is some problem on the system board - a bad connector, controller, or whatever. In such a case, just replacing components is not likely going to fix the problem. You may need a new system board.

I'm using the same bay that the original harddrive was using. The original HD never had this problem so I'm assuming its either the new SSD drive or the bay. I'll re-open the bay and check again that it is sitting properly before replacing the SSD. Thanks again for your responses! :)

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