I have a iBook G4 14" Processor: 1.42 GHz PowerPC G4 running mac OS X version 10.4.10

My iBook has been randomly freezing sometimes with a grey message box saying i need to restart my computer (I forget if it says error) other times a wall of text with black background where the text is comes up on the screen when it freezes saying something about bad kernals and other times it just plain freezes. I dont know to much about Computer problems so I dont know what kernals are other than something to do with ram I do have a added 256 MB DDR SDRAM stick along with my 512MB built in ram. Some times THe computer wont start up at all I press the power button and the screen stays black so I hold the power button down and it turns off then rinse repeat. Today i had to do that about 20 times before it booted up normally.

It usually only crashes the first 10-15 minuets I start using it after that it has been working fine for hours. I have been reading about logic board problems and I looked into the guts of my laptop and couldnt find the chip they were talking about that is giving it problems so i put it back together because I'm not totally sure that it is the same problem as that.

I dont know how to access my kernal error log reports so If posting those here wuld be helpfull please tell me how to access them thanks.

OK I just took my iBook in to a shop to see whats up with it after it would no longer let me log on at all. And the guy says my hard drive was fried and nothing to do with my logic board so if anyone else is experienceing these problems its probably a hard drive issue.

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My G4 laptop wouldn't recognize my external hard drives (LaCie and Rocstor) -seems to have happened after some upgrades to OS X. I read that one should go back to the original OS....Long story short, now the computer is frozen asking me for "Disk 2" - a disk I never had. Suggestions? Think I just need to take it to an Apple Store....

I was having a similar problem...
When I took my iBook G4 to a repair center, the tech advised the mother board needed to be replaced, and that I might as well invest in a more recent laptop, etc.

Reading on forums (similar to this one) lead me to a "potential" problem with the Airport, causing the OS to crash.

I was able to get my laptop to work with Airport turned off..

On youtube I found a step by step on how to open the laptop, place a piece of folded paper between the port and the mother board, in order to ensure the port is tight and will not move (...) AND guess what, I now experience crashes only on very rare occasions... (see how to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrS4Ieuwmlo)

Now when i crash, I simply do a hard reboot (before turning the machine back on, I put pressure on the left hand side -I don't hit the thing, at least I haven't yet), etc...

I still crash once in a while, but aside from that all is good, since i inserted the folded paper (in order to ensure the Airport card is tightly in place)!

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