Recently I had a new motherboard installed to replace my old one that overheated. The new motherboard is a MSI H55M-E23 that has an Intel core i5 650 chipset installed. After getting all the drivers to work, I then installed my old XFX Geforce 9500 gt (512mb gddr3) in the pci-e x16 slot. When I went to turn my pc back on it wouldn't boot. I then removed the graphics card from it's slot and it booted up just fine. The same thing happened with my DIAMOND XtremeSound 5.1/16 bit Sound Card when I put it in the PCI slot. They worked just fine in my old motherboard only 4 weeks ago so I'm not sure what the problem may be. Is is a driver I'm missing for my motherboard or some type of BIOS or maybe a hardware error?

Windows Vista 32bit
4gb ddr3 RAM
Intel core i5 650 Chipset

Whatever burnt out your motherboard probably toasted your video and audio cards as well. Time to get some new gear!

Well I guess it is time for a change. The Capacitor closest to my RAM on the old motherboard failed and I didn't feel like replacing it plus my board was outdated by a few year anyhow. Kinda hate having to buy a new sound and video card all over again but I'll see if that'll work.

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