I Saw that others Posted similar problems but mine still does not work after reading solutions.

I Installed a new hardDrive and naturally lost my drivers. I downloaded my LAN driver and my chipset driver for my Asus M5A 88-V EVO and installed theM on my PC and still no internet.

Any suggestions?

Using windows 7

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Have you confirmed that your lan driver is the correct one and is working?

Do you get any indication that your lan is connected in your system tray (next to time)?

If both the above are good the try typing cmd in your start menu search box then in the dos box it brings up type ping www.google.com and let us know the outcome.

Go to your Device Manager in Control Panel and check to see if you have a listing for it and if so, is there a yellow exclamation mark next to it? If there is than you have the wrong driver more than likely installed. Go back out to the web and double check the driver information for your NIC network card or wireless adapter. And downlaod and install again.

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