When I insert a movie dvd into the drive, it makes a funny sound when it spins up. I can then watch this dvd, but when I remove the disk from the drive the dvd drive does not return to 'dvd ram drive", but keep the inserted disk name. When I try to watch another DVD, double clicking the drive opens the new disk continents but I cant watch the DVD.This happens with game disk as well. The drive can read the data, but after you remove the disk the drive name does not change. When I plug the drive into another SATA socket. It solves the problem for a while, then it makes the funny noise again and the cycle repeats.

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Do you have any software installed like DaemonTools, Alcohol 120, or any Direct2Disc software like Roxio or Sonic? Try uninstalling that. If that doesn't work, you may very well have a bad drive...

No I do not have any of those tools. I thought it was the drive, so I got a new one. Did exactly the same.

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