hello ppl...

I went overseas for one month.....
i unplugedd the plug from the power supoly before i went away...
now after returning it does not boot.....

There is no boot sound from the pc.....but all the components are running properly...there is also not video output .......the monitor is in standby mode all along...what can i do....?

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Did you accidently hit the power switch on the back of the power supply (it may or may not have one). If not, you may have had your powersupply die on you. This is not uncommon to happen, but i can say why it does happen because i dont know. You may have to get a new power supply. To be sure though, try and see if you can bowrrow a friends powersupply out of their computer just to see if it does work before you spend the money.

Hope this helps :)


powersupplies can go out when they overheat due to a bad bearing or something. Bad capacitors could also be a reason. Or if a fuse was blown out any number of issues

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