I bought a new westinghouse 32" tv and have noticed that the 1920x1080 resolution does not appear correctly, it either only takes up a portion of the screen or is cut off. I'm using and HDMI connection and do not have the vga settings available to fix the size. Is there a way to change the aspect ratio or manually adjust it to fit the screen mroe clearly. Also, to make the appearance mroe crisp? Any and all info would be helpful.

Set up your deploy for 1080 and then use the screen format button on your TV remote control - the button that changes the TV picture between Widescreen, 4:3 , Zoom, etc. When it reaches Widescreen everything should fit and look as it is supposed to.

its either with black borders, partially cut off, or zoomed in. Is there a way to manually adjust the sides?

What video card does your computer have?

Use the menu button on your TV remote, then look for 'Feature' setting. There should be in that list a reference to 'Picture', and in there an option to change the picture format. There will likely be a few options than those you saw using the picture button on your TV remote.

I have an ATI radeon mobility hd 5730

So, you're connecting your laptop to the TV?

If you know that you have the latest drivers, you will now need to go into the Catalyst Control Centre. The CCC allows you to configure each of your displays individually. Confirm that your TV display in set to 1080.

There should be a setting in CCC called "Overscan", (I cant say where to look for it as I'm not in front of my system) change this setting to zero. When you have changed this setting, test your connection to your TV again, remembering to use that button. on your remote that changes the display from 4:3, Zoom, Widescreen, etc. Using that button change the display to Widescreen.

Then give me some good news, please. :)

If you can't find these settings I'll be in front of my system later.

I found the setting, but the text looks choppy and not HD like. I'm thinking part of it is needing to adjust the contrast and such but was unsure if there is a way to automatically detect the best settings or something

Please have a read of this Tweak Guide with me, I'm hoping the answer to your unclear text problem is in here somewhere