As stated in the title, when switching on my desktop, the usual thing that happens is that the fan for the graphics card(Nvidia Geforce PX8800GT 512MB) to turn for a while before booting normally. Occasionally the fan for the graphics card just starts spinning and the whole comp does not boot up at all.

I am thinking could it be that the power supply is not sufficient for the card? It is a 315W power supply. I bought this desktop from NEC and it is still under warranty. Should I get the them to change the power supply?

Windows 7 was just recently installed on the system but I think it is not with the OS. There were such problem before even in Windows XP. The motherboard is Intel G33 chipset with a core 2 duo E8400(3GHz, 6MB, 1333FSB).

Hope to get some advice on this. Thanks.

one thing you can hair a power supply from anybody. and then check. now 450w power supply is use available for pc. u can check and then plz tell what happen.

The desktop had just been sent for servicing, so will need to wait for them to inform me again. I shall update you guys again on the result.. Hope the problem can be fixed.