I have a Dell Dimensions 2400 which I can't get to power up. There was a lightning hit relatively near where I live and a small crack came from my computer when it did. Does this mean that it is knacked? Also would this wipe the 2 hard drives I have in it? I also wondered if there are any internal fuses which may have blown, I've checked the plug obviously! Hope you can help :)


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It depends. The best case scenario is that your power supply is damaged, which can be easily replaced. The drives are probably ok. Do you have access to an IDE/sata to USB interface an another computer so that you could access the drives?

i would try to take out the battery and reset your cmos, also check the voltage of the power adaptor, if tht doesnt work id take the drives out and back them up

if you have spare power supply try to replace it... see what happened....

Try with a 80plus PSU.


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