Hi, I read this question on itmob.com Anybody here know how to fix it??

I tried to swap the P-M 705 for a P-M 745 (1.8GHz 2MB L2) but it would not work at any higher than 600MHz, so I thought it was just not compatible, so I returned it. But when I swapped the 1.5GHz back in, it too would no longer go higher than 600MHz.
I did a format after each time I changed processors. I downloaded the latest chipset utility from intel. I checked the BIOS if I can manually clock my processor. And I changed my power management scheme to minimal power management. But none of this helped.....
Please help with any suggestions you can offer.

Thanks guys, appreciate it!

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Hi compu_wiz,
Intel CPUs have the processor speed "locked down"(ie. pre-set) you can't change them. You can change the FSB speed.. and that seems to be the problem your having.. at least from your description. Check INtels website for more info on the FSB settings.


as it's centrino it's got speed stepping, this is a motherboard controlled thing
if the cooling is no longer sufficient for it to run at full load it will step it down to a lower speed, this also happens when there isn't alot of load you have to find out how they recorded the speed, if in xp sp2 you can look at the system general tab to find out speed, but make sure you're running something cpu intensive such as seti, hot potatoe etc.



as it's centrino it's got speed stepping, this is a motherboard controlled thing...


This is also true!

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