I've been having problems recently and I had taken out a stick of pc-2100 and reinstalled windows. Seemed to fix everything. After I got everything fixed I went to restart, it was taking forever so I just hit the reset button. I then went to put back in the other stick of ram and now I get a repeating long beep from my Phoenix Bios and the power light flashes while the hdd light is solid. You can see the drives spinning up but it doesn't make it to post. I've tried taking back out the stick of ram and swapping them, everything with the ram since I thought it might be the cause of the problem but I guess not. Any suggestions??

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Well, when a computer beeps endlessly and doesnt make it to post, it is definitely the ram that has a problem.

As you mentioned you've already tried to diagnose the problem by swapping the ram but have you tried the same ram in different slots? Its possible you damaged the ram slot on the motherboard.

For further ram diagnostic instructions you could always try here:

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