anyone who can help me....running a w2k server farm and just had our backup domain controller go down! fortunately there was no major apps on that server, just data that was able to be restored to another server. had DHCP on it but is now hosted on the 1st domain controller, people had problems logging in but a release, renew worked..... now, there is data on there from right before the server crashed that was not backed up because it crashed in the morning. its a SCSI drive that i need to put on another machine as a slave and pull the data off. its an ooold compaq proliant ml 330, like 6-7 yrs old. the drive is a 36.4 gig 10,000 rpm compaq SCSI and i'm trying to add it to one of our new servers, actually our test server, which is the hp proliant ml330 g3. i added it to the server, dont see much of a SCSI bios in there, how do i get it to read the drive? the drive is being read, its just coming up blank.....PLEASE HELP....anything is a step forward for me :)

thank you!

i actually got it to wasnt the configuration of the SCSI drives that was killing me, we have 2 drives that were combined in a RAID array and i put the 2nd one in which had no data, the first one did. so everything looks good, plus our server came back up today which is a load off my shoulders!

I have 3 10000 RPM hotswap SCSI drives from a proliant 1600 if you want them.