here is my computer specs:
Antec Neo He 550w
Seagate SATA ll 160gig
AMD 4200 Duel Core
Nvidia xfx 7800gt 256mb
ABIT AN8-ULTRA Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra
OCZ Performance 2GB
Windows XP

i had just built it.
when i turned it on, it was fine. after about 10minutes of running, my ceiling lights started to blink and i could here my psu make a spark noise about every second.
i went to log off and shutdown and it went whopppfff and started smoking. went for the powerswitch but before i could, it all turned off :mad:

now, i figured i had a faulty psu and i am going to replace my antec for a new one "free, switch up trade from newegg"

the manual says "Also included are a variety of industrial-grade protective circuitries: OCP (over current protection), OPP (over power protection), OVP (over voltage protection), SCP (Short circuit protection), and UVP (under voltage protection)."

so am i safe? is my mobo OK?
how do i use a dmm to check for continuity in the mobo?


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Sounds to me like you have poor wireing in your home. That maybe a lot of wattage for an older home especially if you run a lot of other things on near by outlets. I think the only way to tell if you had anything else die is to plug in the new psu once you get a new one...This is sad too cuz your computer sounded nice ;)


my house is actually new..
and he said a bad transister in the psu, i didnt spesify the psu or mobo.

this makes me sad

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