hey i hav the most common problem my pc is not showing anything, actully as i know the processor heats as the processing start dats y d the fan is used bt my processor dont heat even without fan , fans get start bt for chekin it i keep it aside. What may be the problem, is my processor or motherboard hav the problem?? can u suggest me, wch one

Any or all of the above... Or perhaps power supply...

Have you recently built this computer yourself? When you say that you have removed the fan, are you suggesting that you removed the Heatsink too?

In the picture at this link you will see a fan attached to a Heatsink. (the silver coloured larger part) Did you only take the fan off, or did you remove the Heatsink too, exposing the Processor? Did you turn on the computer with the fan and Heatsink removed? (please don't try this if you haven't already done it)

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