i recently had the motherboard and processor replaced in my computer due to the previous components burning out, i took it to the computer shop where they installed a new processor and a new motherboard of good quality, i have kept the same graphics card even though it is damaged from the overheating, mainly because of i havent enough money at the moment to spend another 200 on a new card after spending £300 on the mobo and cpu. anyway after all of this the computer ran ok for a while except for random errors or restarts because of the display adapter being damaged i didnt think anything of it as i was getting a new one in about a week or 2 anyway well yesterday i was on it just patching some games the temparature was at a safe level (30 degrees for cpu and about 50 for the gpu) i was monitoring them both with software, suddenly a power cut by myself accidentaly flicking the switch with my foot, i eventually got it started again (when it turns off suddenly it comes up with check sum errors or bios errors and recovery errors, but it also does this most of the time i restart it also goes into some old graphics mode because of the damaged card) then again another electrical shortage due to my step dad messing around with his cement mixer or something anywya it tripped the electric only in my room unfortunately, i got it working again after about 20 minutes then again the electric switched off due to the meter running out :( and now after all of that happening with in 30 minutes im left with a computer that turns on revs up but doesnt beep or show any signs of life apart from being on and the fans revving. your help would be very much appreciated i have come to terms with the fact that there willbe no quick fix solution and i will end up paying out again after only a couple of weeks.

Well, Intel has a 3years warranty nowadays.

I want you to strip the PC bare only Mother board and processor and try to boot it.

No USB, Cds, Ram, Graphics card, etc.

You want to listen for 3 or 4 consecutive beeps.

If you hear them then your motherboard and Processor are fine.

No add your Ram w/o your Graphics card. You want one single beep.

This confirms your PC is fine.

Now Put your peripherals in one by one and boot everytime listening for the beep.

When you don't hear the beep you have found the culprit.

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