Hi ,
I have an G5 tower which is a replacement for an identical elderly machine, Duel 2GHZ PPC.I cloned the old HD (running Tiger) to one of the replacement G5's. On the other HD I installed Leopard. Everything works great apart from internet connection when booted from the Tiger disk. All settings are as they should be, I can only think that only one HD slot is capable or that a HD has to be assigned internet connectability. I want to work in Tiger since my apps are old and it's a familiar environment.

I can't afford the time and anguish of upgrading or migrating my files to the Leopard HD regardless of how "easy" it's supposed to be, and I have no money to spend either.These are not options! I want things as they were and as the hardware is pretty much identical I am really puzzled. All help really appreciated!


How is it connecting to the 'net? Wired or Wifi?

Which Router are you using? Is your Router secured to accept only specific MAC addresses? How are IP addresses allocated?

Hi and thanks. The router, if that's the thing with antenna is a D-Link. I'm afraid although I looked up IP addresses I have no idea how they are allocated or where to look. I don't know about specific MAC addresses either, I'm afraid!

have you gotten your question answered?