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I just got the ASUS DRW-1608P2S DVD-RAM drive. The specifications for this drive state that this drive can write to CD-Rs at 40x in CAV mode and upto 32x in PCAV mode. I bought a few Moser Baer 52x CD-Rs, but nero only allows me to write at 32x max. How do I get the thing to write at 40x? The disc I'm using is a 52x CD-R, confirmed on my plain jane CD-RW drive, ASUS CRW-5232AS

I also got a few Moser Baer 16x DVD-R media, but again nero allows me to write at a maximum speed of 12x. How do I get it to write at 16x? The drive supports 16x speed in CAV mode, and upto 12x in PCAV mode.

I'm guessing the writing method (CAV or PCAV) has something to do with this. What exactly does this mean? How do I get the drive to write function in CAV mode and get full writing speeds?


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Oh, I found out one more thing: This drive is a rebranded Pioneer DVR 110. Hope this extra info helps.

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