well assembled a PC..i connected everything and the power supply is 100% working and i connected all the led and switch connector in the right position!..and if i press the power button it doesnt start the whole pc..the power supply is 350 watts for amd 64 3200+...i dont really know whats wrong with it..

....i connected everything ....

That's probably part of the problem right there.

Please follow the instructions in this topic, and then report back to let us know if it works in 'barebones' configuration or indeed if you've been able to isolate the source of the problem:



i got an ABIT AV8 motherboard now my system is now all working..i resolve my 0.4. problem there is sumthing new!..it says post error 98..it cant boot to my hard disk that has a windows XP on it...i transfer my hard disk from my old pc to this new one ..its 80 gig..im using 350 watts power supply so it can drive my pc!

If that old hard drive has Windows XP on it your problem will be because Windows XP does not allow you to 'move' a working installation from one system to another in this way. There is no 'official' procedure by which you can successfully migrate a working XP installation from one machine to another, and the various 'unofficial' guides to doing the job are only sometimes successful.

The correct procedures when changing to a new system (an upgrade of the motherboard is the same thing as a new system) is to format the hard drive and install Windows XP fresh and clean again.

i got a ABIT Av8 AGP motherboard...if i turn on my computer...it always end in post code 94 or 98...my hard disk has currently win xp inside!..but when i tried to boot on my Windows Xp cd..it always end up with post code FF..and in the screens says gathering hardware configuration..and it just hanging out like that!..installation doesnt seem to continue!

can sumone help me about this errors

processor : AMD 64 Athlon 3200+
Memory : PC2700 2x 512 mb
Graphics Card : PCI Nvidia fx5500
Hard Disk : Samsung 80 gig
Hard Disk : Western Digital 80 gig
Power SUpply : 350 watts Antec

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