Hi all, my parents have just opened their xmas present, brand new dell 5520 laptop. I have plugged the ac adapter in to get it charged and noticed that the battery led light on the actuall laptop is off. I am fairly sure the charger works because the light on the charger is on as it should, it's just the corresponding led on the actual laptop that's off, and I was wondering if this is normal or not...is it a new windows 8 thingy? From memory any lappy I have ever had, when you plug the adapter in the led light goes on.
any idea?

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Many modern laptops turn off the LED when the battery is fully charged. This should be the case with your parents Laptop. To be absolutely sure, use the laptop for about 30 minutes without the power adapter attached. After 30 minutes connect the power adapter and I am confident you will see the battery LED turn on.

Exactly it happened in laptop battery, I just want to advise you here for long life of battery, try to use laptop with direct plug with charger, remove your batterty and used direct.

HI all, yes it's like you said in the end. Funny business, never had a laptop where the battery led is off when fully charged. I guess whatconfused thng even more is the fact that I have never heard of brand new laptop battery being fully charged, in my experience they are only half full or something like that. I used it a bit without the acdc adapter and then plugged it in again, and the light went on. Thanks for your help : - )

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