My two year daughter was typing while our computer was booting up. When it came on, all the images on the monitor were huge! It is not the monitor, it's something in the computer as we swapped the monitor out with another one. I'm thinking my daughter must have changed something when she was randomly typing while the computer was booting up. We have already looked through the Display mode and tried many things to get the size back to normal. Any help I can get getting all the images, fonts, and icons back to normal size would be helpful.

you may be in safe mode. Try to reboot the machine and. if given a choice, take normal mode. It should do it automatically, however.

BY display mode do you mean the display settings page you get by right clicking on the desktop and selecting properties and the settings tab?

No. If you're daughter hit a key combination that made it boot into safe mode, the display would be large like that. Just power down and reboot and it should return to normal - if it asks you to make a choice, choose normal boot.