Hi, due to lack of room I am planning to place the fan+grille of the Antex H20 Kuehler directly on top of the intake of the GFX card. (The total height of this plus some room on underside of GFX card is exactly fitting in a low profile case that I have lying around).

My question is, will it matter to the VGA card fan, that the air that it is taking in is already flowing? There is a Be Quiet! Fan pushing it through the grille from the other side. From experience, that grille stays cool, so it should not be a problem of high air temps...

I just have a slight worry that the airflow might 'push' the fan faster than it is intending to rotate, although I can not really imagine it would cause harm... just wanting to make sure.



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Like you say and know, airflow is really important, and you will just need to assess whether or not the two fans will cancel each other out in some way. Is there any chance of a diagram showing the direction of airflow, etc?



this is what it would look like. The air that is not going 'into' the vga card but around, will be tunneled under the vga card, and out through the side.
The be quiet! fan on top is drawing air from outside the case. (it is a small case).

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Thanks for the photos. My imagination is a little weak here, sorry. I can't visualise them working together. But, if you are satisfied that the airflow is, as reasonably possible, running in the same direction it should be fine.

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