My name is Jeannot thewissen.
I got a dell Optiplex from a friend, because he said it wont power on.
So I tested it powers but if you power it on you dont get any video or sound. The only thing that happens is that the fan in a few seconds maxed out on rpm.

I did search google and i found it can be a broken psu or a bad cmos battery. Both replaced. when I replaced the PSU the computer worked for a day. I wanted to install windows today and the same problem again, CPU fan maxed out in few seconds.

So is it a broken motherboard or is it bad PSU?

Any help would be appreciated.

Jeannot Thewissen

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Open it up and check for blown capacitors, it's a very common fault on Dell's.
If you find any that have blown, you will need to replace them.

It's impossible to say. I'm an electronics enthusiast and I've diagnosed and repaired many faults in equipment in my life, but it's really hard to say it's one thing. It could be two bad PSUs in a row, it could be a fault on the motherboard, it could be something completely separate. If you can't fix the problem yourself, find a friend who can come over and diagnose the fault for you. That or sell it online - someone might buy it wanting to fix it.

I just came home and saw the two replys. I opened the case and looked for blown capacitors. There are none blown. Can it be the chipset?

Jeannot Thewissen

Tel me model of ur pc , then i will sugest in a right way

its the Dell Optiplex gx280

Dell Optiplex gx280

for one thing its to old to spend money on ,I just recently repalced 2[with newer used one ] of these for customers of mine, they had similur issues as yours ,one had a bad psu and the other one had leaky capsators .

Thank you for all the reply's.

I think I will use the pc for parts. Everything that works will I re use in another pc.

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