I've had a HP pavillion dv6000 laptop for a while but with a newborn and moving never got the chance to turn it on. When I finally got the chance I realized I misplaced the power adapter. So I ordered a new one and it outputs 18.5v. What's happening now is it won't start at all. I've had it charging for two days straight just about. I notice the green light on the adapter blinks and so does the blue light where the adapter plugs into the laptop. When I press the power button the middle of the three light on the bottom right of the keyboard blinks three times also. I thought maybe the adapter might be a little messed up so i unplugged it from the laptop and the green light on the adapter is constant instead of blinking like it does when It's plugged into the laptop. Any help guys?

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Are you able to power it on if you remove the battery and just plug the laptop on AC power?

No I tried to power it on with just the adapter in and nothing

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