I have a Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 HP desktop PC when I power the computer on I got Vga input: no input signal and the monitor went back to sleep. If you do you think that is a problem with the video card it is attached to the motherboard. I also don't know that much about computers so please try to keep the answer simple.

Hello cmk_96,

Not having video is one of the most annoying and hard to diagnose issues, because there is no way to visually display any error messages.

When you turn on any computer, it goes through what is called a POST (Power On System Test) which shall detect any issues, because you might not have any video, as in your case, the motherboard has a little speaker built in which should alert you to any problems.

When you turn on your computer, does it make any beeps and if it does then could you please post the exact order and duration such as Long Beep, Short Beep, Short Beep, Long Beep.

If you could also tell me the make and model of your computer, I could help diagnose the issue better.

Good luck!

There are no beeps by make do you mean Microsoft Windows or something else? The model is HP-D2537F3R.

By make I am refering to the computer itself, such as Dell Inspiron etc.

As it isn't giving any beeps, then it would suggest everything is working fine during the POST, next thing to look at is the monitor and the connection, does it work with other monitors?

OK ill try that next the make is a is a Compaq

OK so I plugged the computer into into my HDTV and I turned the computer on and off many times and got no signal, but 1 time it showed up on the screen for a second and went back to no signal again

Ok, it could be a faulty or a loose connection between the Motherboard and the Graphics Card. Do you know if it has inbuilt graphics?

If it has a seperate graphics card, turn off the computer, disconnect the power supply and unscrew the cover to the case. Touch the edge of a radiator or something metal and work on a surface that is preferably metal.

Locate the graphics card and disconnect the wires (if it has any additional power cables), flip the switch on the socket and gently lift. Check the golden contacts, if any of them are damaged or if any are dirty. If it is all clear then gently place it back in, do not force it in and press evenly. Re-connect any cables and replace the cover and try the monitor again.

Yea I think so

Its attached to the motherboard

Ok, when you say 'attached' is that built into the motherboard or is it standing up in a little slot?

You can tell the difference by looking at the VGA, is it connected directly onto the Mobo or is it standing on what looks like a seperate circuit board. If it is standing on a seperate card then look for the little latches by the bottom of it and you should be able to flick them and lift carefully.

It is built in to the motherboard

I'm out of options then unfortunately, I think you shall have to take it into a computer repair shop.

OK thanks

same problem :( check and clean RAM if theres a beep.. Remove RAM start the Computer did you hear a beep? if theres no beep, clean the RAM metal connector with eraser then put it back in did the cleaning help? if not then try your RAM to another computer if it is working. if its working then try external video card. Sometimes built in graphics not working but using external VGA the computer is working... hope it helps

Never ever use an eraser on sensitive electronics. Erasers are for removing graphite type deposits from paper. Some erasers, besides the risk of damaging the connector, can leave a residue that would hinder data transfer far more dramatically than any insignificant layer of oxidised gold.

@BigPaw sorry about the eraser :) Warning: Eraser for expert only :P

Onboard videocard maybe the problem,buy a videocard and insert it in the slot..hope it helps!

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