hello, i have a compaq laptop it was working fine the other day, i just tried to go on it today and the screen is really black i can just about see what the screen says but it is working fine, i have tried going onto the brightness and that is turned up to the maximum and also tried loads of other stuff with the battery saver but it is still not working, please help me and reply A.S.A.P as i neee it for coursework. thankyou x

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You haven't got an external screen to connect? Maybe you can try reset the machine by keeping the on/off button pressed for a while. Try running the machine without battery. Nasty problem: good luck!

It may well be a hardware rather than just brightnest settings. My girlfriend had this issue with an old laptop and she had to get the converters replaced (i think). It was caused by the wires and the part itself getting trapped or dammaged in the hinge of the laptop or by being knocked too much.

That's one reason you might be having this problem. Take it to your local PC repair shop they will be able to tell you if that is the issue.

I think the lcd lamp may have a problem. You can check the laptop lcd lamp life. It may have gone out.

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