motherboard = asus m3a78-cm. Windows 7 64-bit. 2 sticks of 2gb ddr2, 2 sticks of 1 gb

I opened machine and removed old graphics card (radeon hd 6670) and inserted graphics card (msi r7770).

When I started it up it gave several short beeps. I powered it down and removed vid card, double checked and discovered power supply needed to be 500w so I went and got a 600w psu. That did not work either, now no sounds made on startup at all. Tried replacing old graphics card, no luck, tried using onboard video connecter, no luck. Replaced cmos battery and used the cmos jumper to try and reset, no luck. Tried starting computer with one or no sticks of ram, no signal, no beeps.

At this point I will have to wait until tommorow to bring the moniter somewhere make sure its working, and so I am wondering if its likely then that I shorted my motherboard or cpu and thats my problem. Any additional insights before I spend money I dont have very appreciated

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Normally, reseating the graphics card fixes that. The beeping pattern should tell you that the problem is with the Graphics card. Try reseating it and using a trusty ol' rubber eraser to ensure that there are no corrosion on the card before inserting it again.

i will certainly try that for the new card and the old. Just to clarify that when I put back the old card that was working, it does not work either. I put the new one in and got the beeps, but that was just the first time, now I get no signal and no beeps from either card or when connected to onboard. Tonite I clean the contacts and go thru with one stick of memory at a time again. I fear I shorted something, just want to be sure money is too tight to not be as sure as possible, ty all for input

Ill try and post an update later regarding if the reseating and such made any difference. I truly do hope its a simple thing I can do instead of buying almost a new computer

your graphic card slot in main board is that speification
Expansion Slots
1 x PCIe x16
Support PCIe 2.0 / 1.0 Architecture

but the msi 7770 graphic card has that specifiation
PCI Express x16 3.0

so the graphic card does not work in your main board

No Rajeev. The cards are backward compatible. So a 3.0 will work with 2.0 and with 1.0 but it won't give its full potential.

Now fealin73, as you said that even the onboard thing does not work, there can be 2 possiblities.
1. You must have destroyed your components due to static discharge (not properly grounded when working with the motherboard.
2. Your BIOS might be initializing the graphics from the graphic card.

So, to bring it back to onboard reset your CMOS. Remove the BIOS battery and then insert it again after 1 minute. That should reset your BIOS settings to default. Next connect your monitor cable to onboard and start the computer. Hopefully it should come and in your bios, go to chipset configuration. There should be something like video configuration in it. In that go to init video first ( or something like that ) and change it from onboard to pci-e. Now when you save and close you will find that display will not work with onboard but graphic card.

If it still doesn't solve your problem, tell me.

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