I have this laptop computer running windows-xp SP2. when i power it on, a screen tells me to start my computer on a safe mode, or last known configuration, or normal start, etc. when i select one of the choices, all i get is a blank-black screen and the computer freezes. when i tried to boot it from XP-CD service pack-1, after going with the routin of loading some files, it freezes on the section of "Setup is Starting Windows".

Please any help is appreciated.

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Thanks nanosani. I downloaded the 6 pack boot disks from Microsoft. I started my laptop computer. On the 6th disk the computer froze again telling me "Please Wait...". Is there any other way of starting my Windows XP Pro SP2 again.

Please help.

It is possible that you need 3rd party driver (so called F8 driver).
Try your manufacturers site for support.

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