Hi all, ok i have a Geforce 5700 FX graphics card. And a major problem with it, its about 5-6 months old. The problem is is that when running a game everything goes shaky including the menu screen - all the colours are blended to red.

Heres an Example :


After a while of gaming on Hitman 3, it goes smoothly untill in the middle of the game it goes.. crazy.

But on some games it starts to go wierd straight away. Ok, i do have up to date drivers i have up to date BIOS, i have tried old versions to new versions, i have pulled out the graphics card and put it back in again. I dont have a clue what i can do now, and i hope this doesnt lead me to buying another card so soon. :(

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Have you tried the card in another system? What OS are you running?

If you try the card and the game in another system, you may be looking at a new video card. But, since it's relatively new, you may be able to get an exchange per a manufacurer/vendor warranty or something.

My os im using is Windows XP home edition, ive put in another graphics card, very old one :( ive lost my warranty because i thought Geforce were reliable (My first Geforce card) from now on ill stick to ATI.

Weird I never really heard of a video card dieing but, I guess it's time for me to hear it. That sucks man oh well you can get something better for a decent price now a days. Good luck to you.

I had the same problem with--do get this--TWO graphics cards. The first one (FX 5200) went straightway, just after I upgraded to Windows XP Home Edition. The second, which was an older MX 440, seemed to be an "old faithful" for a while, but then one time I was playing, after a few matches, and then it did exactly what the OP described. Next time, it happened in shorter order. The next, in even shorter. Now that card is shot as well. It must be a software conflict.

dude, it probably overheating, or something

Hey guy i have a problem with my graphic card x1550 agp!
The problem is when i run a simple game like GUN,GTA San Andrease etc during running sometimes they are running smooth but sometimes they are running rough anyone give mt the best opinion for this that i can solve this problem! i shall be very thankful to U!

Be clean and update your 3d card !

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