i really need help here!!! cud sum1 plz tell me why does a white faded strip occurs on the rightside of my laptop!! and wht cud i do o get rid of it?!? can closing the laptop abit roughly be the cause of it? and can this strip occur after a few days of the incident? plz help!

That can definitely happen. Does moving the screen make any difference?

Chances are, the screen has gone bad in some fashion or another. You might want to contact your manufacturer for warranty service, or a spare. If your system is older, you might have to hit up eBay for a suitable replacement screen.

thanks alot for ur help but one more question:
moving the screen does help a bit but it aint permanent ...i bought this laptop frm overseas does acer have companies all over the world?

Export compliance laws might have an impact here. Acer does have branches all over the world, but you'll have to contact them to check out what their policies are.

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