Pavilion 9000 operating system not found...please help me

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u should get the os your own, is it that issue u r having?

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u should get the os your own, is it that issue u r having?

how do i do that im not great at fixing computers could you help me

can it enter safe mode..i mean by pressing f8 at boot?

this is usually an indication that there is a problem with the hard drive. If you are getting that message right after the power on self test (POST boot), it means that the OS cannot be found.

If you are not technical with computer repair and maintenance, it will be challanging (not impossible) for you to fix this.

If it is a hard drive problem, you would need to replace the drive, then begin the process of either restoring from a recovery CD that you have, or installing a new operating system.

In some cases, while the OS cannot boot, files may still be recovered in this scenario. You can try by taking out the hard drive and connecting it to another PC via USB adapter to see if the drive is recognized.

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