i'm having trouble with windows recognising my 200Gb h/d
right now i have to h/d...40Gb and 200Gb
windows on the 40Gb and when i partition the 200Gb...only 130Gb
due to some limit windows put in
is there some way to get rid of the limit??
thanks in advance

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The limit is technically 137G, although you may see a figure slightly lower. The limit may be imposed by the OS, but it may be imposed by the motherboard/BIOS. Drive manufacturers also sometimes install a limiting jumper on drives larger than 137G; check your hard drive's documentation on that or give us the exact make/model of the drive.

In terms of the OS, you'll need to be running Win 2000 Pro or Server with Service Pack 3 (or higher), or Win XP Home or Pro with SP1 or higher.

2k's filesystem can be FAT32 or NTFS
If you upgraded it or its not like a buisnessey model or ex-nmetwork then its probably fat - right click on the drive and do properties to see the filesytem type cos NTFS supports 1tb but FAT32 has a limit

P.S Just a question, is there a non pro version of win 2k? isnt that me?

no there isn't non pro version of win 2k, and ME are not related to the 2k windows, they are different os's.

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