Big problem with me :sad:

I am using the following components

Coolmax 400W V2.01 Power Supply
Intel Celeron 340 2.93Ghz 533FSB Socket 478
Asus P4V8X-MX Socket 478 Motherboard
Maxtor hard drive
PNY DDR pc 3200 memory 512 mb.
I bought this new motherboard, powersupply and cpu
when i assembled allthings together. I got it turned. cpu fan was running.
Nothing else, now powersupply to hard drive cd drive to mouse or keyboard and no signal to monitor
Can any body please help me to solve my problem
I am doing this first time

Make sure that you followed all of the instructions off of the manual that came with the motherboard and have all of the pin settings correct. Also just double check that all of your power connectors are inserted all of the way.

yes all cables are ok
if hard drive and cd rom are connected to only power supply and not to motherbaord, they are active, i mean i can open cd rom and can feel hard drive has power but if i connect them to motherboard, then they have nothing.