I was working on my labtop suddenly it hanged.When I restarted it was stuck on starting windows page.Then I came to know that may be hardisk is failing.Then i took out my internal hardisk connected with another labtop recovered my data and formatted the hardisk.Now I inserted my hardisk and it is empty.Using vaio care Assist button I tried to recover but it failed at 47%.Then I pressed F2 and it gave a message that Smart failure prediction error on my hardisk.Then using hardware Disk Verify Repair I tried to fix the error but it is stuck on 1 perecent.NOw what should I do?How do I know that my hardisk is gone now and I cant do anything and I have to replace it.Please Help I need suggestion

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SMART are diagnostics and monitoring software built into most modern discs. There are tools to view what it has discovered about the disc. However, from what you are saying, I would say that the disc is fubar and does need to be replaced. Some of the more important information SMART can monitor about the disc:

  1. Read Error Rate
  2. Reallocated Sector Count (a critical metric)
  3. Seek Error Rate
  4. Temperature
  5. Uncorrectable Sector Count

SMART stands for Self Monitoring And Reporting Technology. If SMART says your drive has had it then the only fix there is is to get a new one.

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