Hi everyone,

I'm new on the forums, and this is my first post, so please bear with me ^^

I just purchased a Genius Eye 312 webcam. The webcam drivers installed fine, then I restarted the machine and plugged in the webcam.

After I did, I was prompted to install the 'USB Audio Device' which I gather means the microphone of the camera. I followed through and the computer reported the device was installed.

However, the microphone does not work. When I go to change the camera's setting through the provided software, I get errors when I choose USB Audio Device as the microphone. The error I get is:

mixerGetLinecontrols() failed

I get no more information, and neither the manual nor the Genius website has any useful information. I've already tried reinstalling the camera. I believe the first time I installed it I may accidentally have plugged in the camera before installing the drivers, if that helps.

Has anyone had a similar experience with a webcam with a microphone? Does anyone have any idea of what I could do to fix it?

Thank you very much, and see you around!

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Try checking out your audio properties. See if anything is wrong with your sound hardware.

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Try checking out your audio properties. See if anything is wrong with your sound hardware.

hey I have the seam problem ! did you fix it ?? tell me how ! I just bought the cam yesterday and the microphone doesnt work!

sorry mi english, im from argentina :D

hey check your webcam on another pc and install all the necessary things like software of webcam and tell me its working or not?

I alredy fix it I dont know how jaja I instal drivers again and again and it just work

how can i check dat my wabcam is good or not...

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