I just received a system to see if i can 'salvage' anything from it.
When i got home, i tore it all apart to clean the components and see what i had to work with...

Decent antec case with card reader
Intel E210882 desktop board
P4 2.66ghz 800fsb CPU
1gb dual ch (512x2) 553 OCZ heatsink RAM
support for sata 3 on board...

(not bad for free)

anyways, after i fut it all back together... the moment of truth...
plugged everything in, and turned it on. fired right up. runs nice and quiet...
here's the kicker:

goes to motherboard screen and says 'press F2 for BIOS settings'
naturally, i press F2, and nothing happens... restarted, and it remains on that same screen. wont do anything else.
im thinking that whoever had it last tried to flash the BIOS and failed...

any ideas?

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so here's the update:
i finally got into the BIOS... i basically shut everything down, and restarted, and kept pressing F2 to see if it would work... and it did. i got into the bios, and reset it to default settings. it's good as new now. dont ask me what it was set at before, but whatever it was shouldn't even be an option in my opinion. lol

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