My PC and monitor has been working fine. My DVD drive does not have a burner on it. SO I grabbed one out of my other PC. Only to find out that the PC that is getting the new one, only has SATA connections, and the DVD burner I was going to install(a bit old) does not have any SATA connection. I never removed the DVD drive from the PC. I only unplugged the power and SATA, and then plugged it right back in when I realized it wouldnt work. Now when I turn the PC back on, everything turns on in the PC, including the DVD drive, but my monitor will not come on. Im clueless....and frusrated. Any help?

Thanks in advance.

Disconnect the power cord from your PC and press the power button to discharge the system.

Don't touch any chips, circuitry, or connectors. Gently press down on the video card to make sure it is seated properly. Does the video card require a power connector, is it connected properly?

While you were originally working on the computer did you disconnect the monitor cable? Have you connected it to the correct Video connector on the back of your PC?

If none of this helps then please tell us more about your PC and its specifications.