I hope I am posting in the right forum...if not, I apologize ahead of time. I just bought a new computer. My old computer did not have a cd burner on it, just your normal cd-rom drive and what I call a "floppy drive." The new computer only has the cd drive...no floppy drive. I want to be able to get all of my photos I saved on my old computer to my new one, and someone told me I could do this with a USB cord, where I would connect the old computer to the new one and transfer that I wanted from the old pc to the new one. What kind of cord is this, and where would I get one? And is this going to be the easiest way to get all of my pictures back? Thanks!


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uhh there slow, and can be tricky just buy 2 network cards (£15) and a £10 ethernet CROSSOVER (NOT patch) cable and setup a network with xp's wizard

Ok.....thanks! Don't be surprised to see me again if I have any questions when I attempt to do this (I really need to go take some computer classes, lol). I'll try that sometime within the next week or two and see how it goes. Thanks again! :)


yeah a network is easier, faster and cheaper to set up than using usb and later you can have it so e.g you can aceess your documents on each pc and share the internet/printer

Maplin do a 2 network card kit and a crossover cable for quite cheap
Your pc may already have a network card, it looks like a phone line socket (like on a modem) but a bit bigger

You want crossover, not patch as patch cable needs to go through a central hub whereas crossover is specially wired (therefore a bit more pricey) so that it can straight go from 1 pc to another

When buying cards get someone like Ralink, Belkin, Linksys and for the cable dont bother with the cat6 standard, you want cat5 or cat5e

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