Anyone have any experience with "machine exception errors, I've googled it and get a few corses of action but i'm looking to narrow it down. I've got a foxconn mobo 6150, aspire x-pac case, 2gb OCZ ram, AMD athlon 1.8ghz cpu.

I can test or replace the ram
replace the power supply with something more powerful

I don't think it has to do with the temp. I have gauges run and both the cpu and hard drives never really get above 32 degrees celcius.

Or is there some random hardware problem, mobo, d-link wireless, seagate hard drives, the OCZ ram, or my amd chip??????or the powersupply can't power the 2 hd, 2 cd drives, floppy, mobo, and wireless card???

Any Idea's Anyone.....Just lookin for suggestions with out buying parts and randomly replacing stuff.

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Possible Solution: Too many draws on the power supply, 420W running 2 DVD, a floppy, a wireless card, but most importantly 2 7200rpm SATA drives. I unplugged one and no more error, so I guess the solution is to buy a more powerful Power supply..............

If anyone searches "machine exception error" I hope this helps.


good think I didn't go out and buy that powersupply, For sh*&%$ts and gigles I re-installed the OS and haven't seen the problem again.

Funny all my research points toward a hardware issue, so i'm fearful that the issue will reappear.

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