my friend gave me his notebook computer bc it was broken. when you plug the notebook in to charge it up it wont. what could be the problem here and is it fixable. it is a hp pavilion ze4200. thank you

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It could be either a problem with the charger or the motherboard. It is hard to say which without testing. Try a charger from another laptop of the same kind. If it works then you need a new charger. If it doesnt it could be the motherboard connection. This requires the entire motherboard to be replaced because it is one piece.

How old is it?

Li-Ion atteries slowly degrade as soon as they come out of the factory and usually last less than 5 years (soemtimes as little as one as was the case with my thinkpad)

If it can use AC power but just doesnt charge then its probably the battery and youi can get them online for £20 - £200

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