I have tried the 15 second trial with main power supply with no luck and I have tried the 15 second trial with reseating the battery. Gateway laptop model NES56R31u still dead. help!!!

What do you mean by 15 second trial?

Can you plug the power source, remove the battery, and see if it powers up? Any lights or activity?

I plugged into power source and still nothing at all. No lights come on, totally dead.

can you tell me how you first time feel thats its dead ???? you are working when its switched of or you manualy switched of & after than you try to start .

It was working fine the night before. I shut it down, went to bed. The next morning when I tried to turn it on, it would not. There were no lights or anything. I thought maybe the battery was dead so I plugged it in, still nothing at all.

Have you tried a new power brick? Does the brick light up when plugged in? Could be bad power brick.

Yes, I have tried everything. I even took the battery out of the dead computer and placed it in my daughter's gateway computer and her computer worked fine

Ok, the Power brick is part of the power cord to your laptop. Sounds like the battery is ok, so it is either the systemboard on your laptop or the powercord (Power Brick). If your laptops are the same, try her power cord on your laptop and see if that works. If it does, then you need a new brick/power cord.

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