I have a Gateway NE series Laptop. Battery life was good.


I was done using my machine on a battery, needed some charging. While it was charging I was working on some excel file and listening to music (total of two processes were running) and charging was 50% completed(point being, adapter was working fine, as lappy was being charged). All of a sudden my laptop just died on me. It was so dead that it didnt even show amber/orange light for being plugged in. It was completely dead. I tried few option of removing the battery and pressing the power button. While power button pressed I plugged the battery back in... still no response. I tried to remove Hard Drive, and get the data. HDrive is working fine. I was able to get my data out using an extractor. Lappy is dead !

1)could this be a mother board issue ?
2) if not, what could possibly be the issue ?



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Unless your model laptop has a separate power board, then you could be right about the motherboard being kaput.

Can you tell us which model it is? Though, I think we're clutching at straws as I could not find any components whatsoever for this series of laptop. But if you could tell me the model number we can give it a go. :)

BigPaw, the model number for my machine is NV57H13u.
Just another update, I have tried to flip the screen all the to the back and tried powering it up. Machine is still dead.

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