I've had a Creative Zen Touch for years, and I love it. It works fine, but I'm ready to upgrade. I have about 5,000 songs on it, downloaded over the years from various sources.

For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get the songs from my player to the computer. Windows Media Player and My Computer recognize the mp3 files, but it won't allow me to copy them to the computer or any other place. Are they rights-protected? Is there a program I can download that will remove this?

I really don't want to lose all my 5,000 songs, or be stuck with this player for the rest of (its) life! Any suggestions?

(Sorry if this is a simple question!)

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If you open your media player (if it is 11) on the left side of the screen you should have a drive showing your device. You should be able to click on it, and extract all of the music to your hard drive. If you have tried doing this and it does not let you, what does it say? Is there some sort of error that comes up? Another thing to consider is that when you get your new mp3 player, you should be able to sync your devices so that all of your songs will transfer to the new one. Let us know how you turn out!

If you open your media player (if it is 11) on the left side of the screen you should have a drive showing your device.

I have the same problem. But the above description does not help me as the Media Player (11) does not recocgnize the Zen Touch.

Problem is that I have an old version of the firmware on the player... I have 1.01.03 on the Zen. But I cannot install a new firmware (which would probably make the player show up in Media Player 11), as upon install-request it sais that ALL data on the player will be erased...

The technically coorect thing to do now would be to update the firmware on the player. But doing so would erase ALL my collected mp3s (~5000). I cannot let that happen :(

Now what I wanna do is get my old music of the zen and put it on my pc (to load it into my new I-Pod). Does anyone have an idea how I could do so?

Are there any hacks or thirdparty products which would maybe let me extract (like sharepod for ipod?)?

Some more facts:
- Windows recognizes the player correctly, shows all mp3 on the player, but does not let me copy or move the files. Upon right-clicking on the files I only have the options "delete" or "information". Under the information-option is written; "Files canot be opened from this device directly. Please copy the file to a local folder and open the copy."
- My Player: Creative Zen Touch (40gb) with Firmware 1.01.03
- Creative Media Source 5.10.38 installed on pc (but does not recognize the zen)
- The Player shows up in my workspace as "creative zen touch (my Zen)

Many thanks for your help in advace!

Problem solved... long live Linux... plug in, connect -> success :)


Ok, to transfer all the data off a creative touch (regardless of firmware ver), simply install the jukebox driver off the Creative site, download winamp and sync the device to your PC (select copy files to local media library when sync'ing)

This will copy everything off the device into my music in directories ordered by artist - very tidy


I was able to transfer some files, but not all the files even though I have enough disk space on my PC. I get a this message:

"There is not enough space on this device to fit your entire library. I've added what I can to the queue, but maybe you should try Autofill instead next time".

What is Autofill and how does it work? I do not want to loose any files on the Zen Xtra or my PC.

what method are you using to transfer these files

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what method are you using to transfer these files

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I installed the XP drivers in compatibility mode and checked all the options in compatibility mode before running it. The installation stopped at 79% and I killed the installation. Then I installed an older version of winamp (v 5.6). Started winamp and connected the zen touch and it was able to see the device. Then I copied songs album by album from winamp. It was a long and painful process but this worked.
Do not try to take out the hard drive as its futile. The OS and partition on the Hard drive is not NTFS or FAT or anything that can be read on Linux/Mac. I did that and it didnt work. It's a special 2.5" HDD and not 1.8" as some people say.

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