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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FS8900 Laptop that suddenly won't boot up. It was working fine one day, and the next day without warning all of a sudden it just won't boot. When you hit the power button, the power light goes on, you hear the DVD drive initialize, the number lock led, the capital letter led and the other led next to it above the keyboard are all green all the time. Nothing ever shows up on the screen, not even the Bios start up screens. The Power, battery,hard drive and WAN led lights on the front of the laptop are also lit. But the computer never even tries to boot. I tried swapping out the memory with other known good memory, I took out and reseated the hard drive, but nothing changes. After leaving the laptop on for some time, no fans come on, and the computer is cold, like the CPU never even powered up. Yet all the LEDs I mentioned above are all still on. Any ideas of what to do next? Since there is no boot up of even the starting bios screens, I figure it's not the hard drive, and since I hear no beeps, I believe it isn't the memory modules. Any suggestions or help would be welcome. Thanks.

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