I have a stunned problem with my company pc and would really appreciate any other suggestions.The computer I have is networked to exchange server and two other business related servers.Recently the user has started to complain about system freezes.So upon some research in I found a "bugcheck" complain that said that I should change the RAM cause theres faulty RAM(four slots,all occupied) So I took out the RAM replaced it with other sticks witch I know is working.Its better now but still hangs so now and again(not as much as it used to though).

Is this still RAM related?if so what can I try next or does the problem reside somewhere else.

Thanks Guys

any computer freeze can be cused by a number of problems:
1. Is it getting too hot through dust etc on fans and coolers?... clean off!
2. overcrowded softwated. much experience tells me computers work better if doing one thing at a time and not mulittasking. try to reduce any background programs that are usng unecessary resources.
3. Virus or malaware can freeze so check all is up to date and clean
4. Some progs like windows defender and defrags run at cedtain times and then hog resources, check the machine is not doing a scan at some prearranged time and thus freezing out others
5. intermittant hardware faults (not only in memory) can cause freezing as can mini power surges or blackouts. check all cables and connections!
6. There are a number of memory hardware free downloads that can runa memory soak test (overnight is usually necessary) to test the memory!
7. worth checking (Im sure youve done it) but is the hard disk full? Windows must have plentyof paging space or it will freeze!
8. have you looked in the event logs as those can tell you a lot about why the machine freezes if it is a network or coms problem.

9. I have hd motherboard dodgy soldering etc but these only show up with special equipment or by logging the times and temperatures as they are often temperature dependant.

best of luck

ohk thanx my man for the reply.i did go through your list and found quite a number of things I have tried already,however I never gave the ram test softies a try.strange enough it never happened again after posting this thread.thanx again Ill drop a post later