Hey guys!

My Asus G1S Gaming Laptop suddenly won't turn on for some reason. No light, no fan, simply lifeless. Before this, there were no signs like errors, automatic shutdown, etc. that it would die soon (did I mention all of a sudden?).

I know it's probably the motherboard at fault, but I still wanna keep my hopes up cus no one here has really verified the main reason for this (as I have read a few posts).

It just really bums me out cus I've loved this laptop for 2 years now.

Anyone know how I can make this work even if it means opening this laptop up and tweaking a few things or like replacing it with a cheap motherboard?

Thanks in advance for the replies!

Asus G1S Gaming Laptop
Intel Dual Core
NVIDIA Graphics 512MB (or more. Not sure)

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first try this ,remove battery and power cord ,hold power buttin in for about 1-2 min ,reinstall battery ,and power cord ,still no go ,remove battery and try ,still no go ,get power cord tested ,still no go, take to computer repair guy /gal


Is there any way you could get in touch with someone who know how to use a multimeter? it could be that your power supply has stopped working, I would check that first, most "nice guy" repair shops would check that for you for free/next to nothing.

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