Google recently released a new update called Hummingbird. Now the page rank will not matter on the basis of keywords. The websites with autharative information will get more traffic. Does this mean that the other SEO practices have lost their edge?

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it does not that seo practices have lost their edge. according to hummingbird update google wants to be more accurate with its search results as people are now start asking voice question in place if typing simple queries. so SEO practice is still important as before.

No SEO practices are not lost their edge. In Hummingbird update google says that we must have quality cotent on website. Content must be usful for users.

No they are working.

lots of practice you do and you get lots of experience ad it will also keep you uptodate ....

Not like that, google wants to give their search results as quality one.

there is bit change but still there are some seo tricks are working like if you will get the grip on your area then it will eb benifical for you.

I agree with you but not 100 percent because some seo trick are also working. You will have to that work uniquely.

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